Revered as a must-experience highlight on a tour of Singapore, Resort World Sentosa stands as testament to the Lion City’s entertainment prowess. Bringing together world-renowned international attractions as well as locally produced showcases, the newest highlight in the venue is a love story dubbed the “Crane Dance” that transcends boundaries and visual limitations. As a creative work of art employing state-of-the-art technology, the Crane Dance is a one-of-a-kind entertainment showpiece in Resort World Sentosa. Three years were spent converting the waterfront in to a make-shift amphitheater and setting up the larger-than-life mechanical birds before the Crane Dance officially opened to audiences on Christmas day in 2010.
Taking place each night at approximately 9pm, the Crane Dance takes centre stage at the Sentosa Waterfront illuminating not only its immediate surroundings but also the night sky with a magic all on its own. Accessible to visitors free of charge, the Crane Dance is the brainchild of highly acclaimed designer Jeremy Railton who won an Emmy Award for his creative endeavors in recent years. Towering above the Sentosa Waterfront at an impressive height of nearly 10 floors, the mechanical cranes employed in the show weigh a whopping 80 tones in all. Dubbed the world’s biggest dancing animatronics performance show piece, the entire venue is lit up and engaged in an intricate love story that transforms mechanical birds into real winged beauties as the story unfolds.
As a modern take on a classical Asian folk tale, the Crane Dance explores the power of true love as the cranes engage in a charming courtship that takes viewers on a visual journey across many planes. Accompanied by enchanting music, vibrant hued lights, special effects and water sprays, the entire experience is a three-dimensional showcase like no other in the Lion City. Suitable for viewers of all ages, the 10-minute show is heightened by the massive television screens that deck the body of each bird. Snacks and refreshments are also available for visitors at the venue through mobile vendors, and securing a good seat in advance will also add to the enjoyment of this unique show.
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