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There are many reasons to visit Binh Thuan. This fairly obscure province in Vietnam has a lot to offer, and is becoming an internationally recognised tourism destination. Vietnam in general is considered one of the most prospective nations in the world, rising out of chaos to become a thriving economic nation. The most popular attraction Binh Thuan has to offer, is the resort town of Mui Ne. The many resorts in Mui Ne are very popular, with examples such as the Anantara Mui Ne Resort. In addition to luxury accommodation, there’s a lot more to experience in both Binh Thuan and Mui Ne.

An ideal location to visit if you find yourself here is the Ta Cu Mountain. The peak is seven-hundred metres high and there you can reach the top either on foot or with the use of a cable car. Although the walk is definitely exhausting, it is bound to be a most fulfilling experience. The mountain itself is a rich ecosystem and a nature reserve for a wide variety of species. Most notable of these are the endangered primates that are found on the mountain.

Binh Thuan is a heavily agriculturally oriented place, so you will find plenty of farms. One of the most essential things to do in Binh Thuan is visiting the massive dragon fruit farms within the province. These orchards contain kilometres of plants bearing this juicy exotic treat that is one of the best indulgences offered in this region of the world. Be sure to sample some dragon-fruit if you head to a farm.

If there’s one place that you will find unforgettable in Binh Thuan it is the fair stream. This magical place involves a tiny lake that has lush rainforest on one side and sandy orange desert on the other. It is a sight to behold.

If you ever find yourself in Vietnam, be sure to head to the beautiful province of Binh Thuan.

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