The central region of Sri Lanka has a number of historic sites as well as many beautiful scenic locations with endless attractions for the tourist. Dambulla Rose Quartz Mountain is one of the many attractions in the Dambulla region where there are a large number of historic and religious sites including the famous Dambulla cave temple.

The Rose Quartz Mountain in the region is one of the most popular attractions amongst locals as well as foreigners. It is also known as Namal Uyana or ironwood forest. Its flower is also Sri Lanka’s national flower. The significance of the location can be understood from the very fact that it was declared as a human sanctuary by the ancient King Dappula in as far back as in the 10th century AD. This is indicated in a stone inscription that can be found at the location in close proximity to its main entrance.

The setting is also considered to be one of the oldest and also the biggest gardens in the South Asian region and it is located deep in the woods. It is believed that the many trees that have been planted by people who sought this setting as a sanctuary have eventually turned it into a massive jungle of ironwood trees. It has also been found that the rose quartz that is found at this location is older than 550 million years.

It is indeed a sanctuary for the visitors who stop by at this spot even today and the serenity and tranquility of the setting provide a welcome break for any visitor here. Those who are visiting the central region of the country ranging from Dambulla, Kandy and even going further north to the historic sites of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa can visit this place. Accessing this important site and a large number of other attractions across Sri Lanka can be done using Sri Lanka car rental services. Those who want to have the freedom and mobility that comes with driving around this island can use a Sri Lanka car hire company such as Malkey Rent A Car which is well known for its reliable service.