Approximately 48 kilometers from Manila, Philippines is the charmingly small rocky island of Corregidor, dedicated as a standing memorial for heroism and valor of the Filipinos and Americans during the World War II who took a strong stand against the overpowering Japanese force. It is also called “The Rock” for its unwavering dare, and history goes to say that this was the key fortress of the Allies as they were invaded. Under the military command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, they managed to hold fort at Corregidor against the greatest odds for 27 days. Today there are many tour guides who will take you through the island’s pre-war history and the country’s role in WW II giving you an insight to what it might have been like as the battle raged. There are many testimonials in the form of gun batteries, ruins of buildings, monuments, and memorials that still stands to depict this story of great courage for independence.  When in Philippines the Corregidor Island is most certainly worth a visit for it narrates stories of unheard and unnamed war heroes. There are many Manila Luxury Hotels that provide amiable accommodation and an exemplary choice of Manila Hotel is The Peninsula Manila for the selective lodger.