A floating market is a place where goods are sold off a boat. These kinds of markets have been around for quite some time and they can still be found in places like Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Floating markets were once a mainstay of daily life in Thailand and although there are still over a hundred such markets in the country their popularity is waning. These aquatic markets are now more of a tourist attraction than anything else with locals preferring to go to air conditioned convenience stores that are now found on every street corner.

Tourists visiting Thailand should definitely try and visit a floating market while they still exist. The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is probably the most popular market of its kind in Thailand. The market is located in Ratchaburi, roughly one hundred kilometres south-west of the Thai capital of Bangkok. At Damnoen Saduak tourists will be greeted with the sight of dozens of boats anchored side by side filled with goods. Most boats sell fresh fruits and vegetables and the riot of colours make the spot highly photogenic.

As it is a popular tourist attraction goods tend to be pricier than in other parts of the city. However, a little haggling is expected. The best time to visit Damnoen Saduak is during the morning as it can get quite warm by noon. It is best to get there early before the crowds really build up. Tourists in Bangkok can take a short day trip to visit Damnoen Saduak. The easiest way to get here is to join a tour group as the spot is a little out of the way.

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