It’s that time of year again when you have to plan a family holiday. Choosing one that everyone will love and has something to do is no easy task and one bad experience can spell curtains for the entire holiday! So before making that all important decision, here are some things worth considering.

Choosing your Destination

Sounds simple enough but do make sure you do some research before heading off to a destination that may seem nice on travel brochures. Be it within your home country or abroad, find out what kind of attractions, activities and things to do are available in that area. Especially when travelling to foreign countries, look to check local weather since the last thing you need is to plan a holiday during a monsoon season! If you are an active family make sure there are plenty of outdoor pursuits and recreation to enjoy as well.

A Home Away From Home

Where you lay your head to sleep is vitally important too when on holiday. If you plan to stay at a hotel or resort, look to find those that offer family rooms or interconnecting rooms so you can enjoy both quality time as well as a bit of privacy. Look to see what in-room amenities are on offer too and things like satellite TV, music system, gaming consoles and internet are all useful additions. Alternatively you can look for a more typical “home” experience by staying at villas, bungalows or apartments. Serviced residences such as those offered by The Ascott Limited are another alternative to consider. Many such accommodation options come with kitchenette, dining room and living area, for that real homely feel.

Facilities & Food

Apart from attractions and activities, kids will also appreciate having leisure facilities where you are staying at. Swimming pools are essential for most kids though do make sure there is a kid’s pool as well. Many resorts have a kids club and those that incorporate active programmes and cultural activities are great. Since many of them are supervised, parents can use their time to indulge in some personal pampering if there is an onsite spa or just enjoy lounging in the sun. Of course do make sure there is a wide range of food available too, for unhappy taste buds can make a holiday head south pretty fast! Buffet options at hotels and resorts provide lots of options and if you are staying at an apartment with a kitchen, you always have the option of cooking meals yourself.

Finding The Balance

Probably the hardest thing to do, is finding the balance that keeps all members of the family happy! A good idea is to get all involved; one way is by giving each person a chance to pick an activity or thing to do and ensuring all members join in. Since you know your kids best, look to see what options are on offer and let them know what can and also what can’t be done. Include everyone in the planning process as well so all members feel involved and have something to look forward to.

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