The commercial capital of Sri Lanka has quite a lot of interesting attractions packed in for the discerning traveller to enjoy. One of the top Colombo things to do would be to visit the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens which is- what can be say- Colombo’s wildest attraction? (Not counting the nightlife of course LOL)

Dehiwala Zoological Gardens
Dehiwala Zoo,Tambako The Jaguar,(CC BY-ND 2.0)


As the name says the zoo is located in Dehiwala, about one and a half hour away from the Colombo International Airport. Since it’s a coastal city, you get a lot of seaside restaurants and bars as well hotels like Mount Lavinia Hotel, where you can head over to wind down the adventures of the day in comfort.

Quite a Long History

Originally the zoo was founded by a German named John Hagenbeck in the late 1920’s. The Sri Lankan Government took over after it the liquidation of the zoo in 1936. Even then, the collection at the zoo was quite impressive.

Home to Many Wonderful Creatures

The Dehiwala Zoological Gardens is home to a remarkable number of 450 mammals, 1000-1500 birds, 250 reptiles, 20 Amphibians, 100 Butterflies, 25 Marine invertebrates and 1000 species of fish- that’s quite a collection eh! Some of the best highlights include the elephant stables, the aquarium, butterfly garden and the ferocious reptiles section.

More than a Zoo

The Dehiwala Zoo emphasises on the conservation and welfare of wild animals and also educates people about the animals and the importance of conservation.

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