Frequented by visitors from across the region and the world at large Aquaventure is not only one of Dubai’s most popular attractions but the largest water park of its kind in the Middle East. Spread out over an expansive area of 42 acres Aquaventure is a splash centre like no other in the region.  Located within Dubai’s man-made wonder, the Palm Islands, the water park encompasses an impressive 5 million gallons of water within its confines. Offering visitors a  plethora of water based rides including river rides, speed slides, splashers, secluded beaches and kid’s play areas this one-stop splash centre is ideal for both adrenalin junkies and children alike.

The must-experience highlights at the park include The Leap of Faith which is one of the park’s most coveted attractions. Towering above the stunningly landscaped enclave at a height of more than 27 meters the 61m wide Ziggurat ride is a tunnel ride like no other that takes riders through a transparent tube in a lagoon infested with bow mouth, grey reef, white-tip and guitar sharks. Aquaventure’s most popular water-coaster is of course The Plunge which is a thrilling ride full of twists and turns fueled by power jets.

Aquaventure’s river rides are more suited for those who are looking to unwind at a leisurely pace at a water park although this region also packs in a wide range of jam-packed rides to suit more adventurous visitors. The Rapids is one such journey that takes riders on a speedy white water ride across a scattered range of obstacles and caverns. The tidal river dubbed Torrent River in contrast runs for 600m and takes visitors through a captivating atmosphere infested with tropical canopies.
Children on the other hand can engage in water based activities at the Splashers Play Area while families can take a leisurely walk or build sand castles on the private Aquaventure Beach. The 700m stretch of golden sanded beachfront is also ideal for volleyball games and other fun-filled activities that are only enhanced by Aquaventure Beach’s breathtaking location.
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