Trincomalee – a charming town on the north-east coast of Sri Lanka is known for its natural harbour. But, there are many other attractions beautifully hidden in the city, which only explorers discover.

The Koneswaram Temple

One of the most popular attractions in Trincomalee is Fort Fredrick. Head to this attraction and then climb the cliff inside it to find the Koneswaram Temple. It’s believed to be one of the 5 abodes of Shiva-the Hindu God.

Alexey Komarov, Koneswaram Temple – panoramioCC BY 3.0

Uppuveli and Nilaveli Beaches

These beaches can be known as two of the most pristine ones in Sri Lanka, untouched by the booming tourism industry yet. They offer the perfect spaces to relax by the sea while enjoying the beautiful views from around.

Seruwila Managala Raja Maha Viharaya

Built by King Kavantissa in the 02nd century, this important Buddhist temple holds the sacred frontal bone of the Lord Buddha. Join the crowd of spiritual visitors and get yourself blessed.

Holidaying in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Resorts in Trincomalee the likes of Trinco Blu by Cinnamon offer world-class hospitality services and are ideal for your stay. You may also enjoy the best of Sri Lankan seafood at these resorts with your loved ones.