Part of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, traditional Kandyan dance offers a unique insight into the country’s fascinating culture. This form of dance originates in the hill capital known as Kandy and those looking to visit this ancient city can make use of a air taxi Sri Lanka service such as the one provided by Cinnamon Air. This reputed company features a range of Sri Lanka sea planes offering access to a number of key destinations throughout the island.

Featuring frenetic yet smooth movements and wonderful costumes, traditional Kandyan dance is something one should definitely observe while in Sri Lanka. The origins of this dance form can actually be traced back to a certain exorcism ritual that was introduced by Indian shamans. Today such dances can be seen in major events and festivals. A key aspect of this dance is the costume which contains an elaborate headdress, decorative attire and anklets, while the performance is accompanied by percussion instruments including a traditional drum known as the ‘Geta Beraya’.