Founded in 1976, Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) is a non profitable Centre for Art, assembled with the primary intention of promoting arts through inspiration, creativity, leadership and excellence in curriculum and art facilities in Tasmania. Positioned behind the historic fascia of Georgian warehouses in Salamanca Place, it is a combination of theatres, galleries and art administrations.

The premeditated priority of Salamanca Arts Centre is centred on supporting the contemporary expression of the arts by means of connecting the audience and the artists. This is achieved by accumulating all work of the centres’ organizations and resident artists and purposefully creating, commissioning, presenting all projects and programs in its many venues and exhibition spaces.

While the many programs are sustained by the government of Australia , Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Tasmania and Hobart City Council, it also has the generous involvement of donors, sponsors and benevolent trusts who value the principles of SAC. It is estimated that every year approximately 250,000 people pass through the SAC’s doors visiting its many exhibitions, galleries community events and performances. Over 6000 artists are given exposure and representation through various integrated activities of its projects, making it highly popular amongst the art culture of Australian theatre and performing arts companies.

Tourists and locals alike, who are in the vicinity of Salamanca Place, Hobart, should not pass up the opportunity to enter into this captivating world of art. Not only is it home to Australia’s art, but
Salamanca is renowned for its Mount Wellington, Cradle Mountain, Port Arthur, Freycinet, and Strahan. With plenty of shops, restaurants, pubs, amazing nightlife and many shopping centres there is never a moment of boredom for those visiting here. Not to be missed is the Saturday Salamanca Market with around 300 stalls that will take a good many hours to do a complete shopping tour.

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