One of the world’s most exciting cities, London, is home to a host of thrills, chills and adventure, and not only in the land of the living. The city’s infamous past has birthed a spine-tingling collection of ghosties and ghoulies that add some supernatural flavour to London’s regal culture. The lively city is also home to a vibrant luxury lodging range that serves up a select luxury hotel London experience tailored to suit the needs of travellers seeking fine accommodation with a style all its own. One fine luxury boutique hotel London offers is the Halkin London, whose stylist interiors and contemporary amenities make it an ideal location from which to soak in all of London’s unique sights. Take a walk on the ghoulish side and traverse the streets to meet up with some of the city’s infamous residents…or at least feel the chill in the air that signals their presence as you won’t always get to see them…not in flesh and blood anyway. Courtesy of London’s original London Walks company, revisit some of the city’s eerie haunts of some of its most legendary figures, such as the neighbourhood where Jack the Ripper went on his murderous rampage, or walk through an area that is home to the Black Nun observing her lonely vigil for all of eternity, and feel the heady presence of the she-wolf of France as she glides over a graveyard. These walks sometimes transport trekkers back in time…and suddenly you’re not in the twenty-first century, you’re in the late nineteen hundreds, coming face-to-face with an actor who was murdered right where you stand. This very night. And do not be afraid to take pictures…lots of it. Because you never know when a lovely lady in white or a hooded figure in black will appear on the picture, as so many previous ghost walkers discovered after they developed their pictures. So for a real taste of London’s past up close and creepily personal, take a talk on the city’s dark side, and embark on a London ghost walk.


|| Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and intends to visit them all someday. || Google+ ||