There’s no doubt that the Maldives is a premier vacation destination. Full of beaches of white sand and crystal blue water, the beauty is unmatched both on land and sea, with plenty of life on both. As such, one of the most thrilling activities you can do in the Maldives is to watch a host of dolphins frolicking away, clustered in tight packs, full of the energy of life. With over 20 species of dolphins making their home in this tropical archipelago, it’s a diverse and beautiful biosphere to witness.

Types of Dolphin Safari

The activity of dolphin watching is famous enough that there are different kinds for it – suited to various budgets and audiences. Ranging from simple ferry options where you can see the creatures for free, to the most luxurious dedicated boat rides for dolphin watching in Maldives, you won’t miss out on a program that matches what you want. There is also a good chance that hospitality brands such as The Residence Maldives may be able to assist!

Best Weather and Timing

As with most water-based attractions and excitement, the activity of dolphin watching is best done on a sunny, clear day. With better visibility, you have a good chance of seeing the dolphins as they swim along. It’s interesting to note that dolphins prefer swimming around the islands in the morning and swim further out into the ocean as time passes throughout the day.

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins
Swimming with Dolphins – Photo by form PxHere

Although it may be relatively simple to get sight of a dolphin, it’s another thing altogether to get up close with these majestic creatures. Remember that they are wild creatures full of energy, so they may not be very interested to interact, but it’s still possible, with caution and respect. They are curious creatures by nature, and anything is possible in the water of the Maldives!

Precautions to Take

Amid all the excitement, be sure to remember several things – precautions and guidelines that’ll enhance your trip and make sure you leave no impact on nature. Firstly, don’t feed the dolphins, as they have a particular diet and you may harm them. Secondly, be patient and respect the wildlife, as there is a chance you may never see the creature you want and they may not want to interact with you.