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Many fascinating festivals that will capture the imagination of the visitor are celebrated in Hong Kong. With a predominantly Chinese population it is not surprising that an array of Chinese festivals is observed in this city. Naturally one of the local festive highlights is the enthusiastically celebrated Chinese New Year which is the city’s most extravagant and colourful event. Local residents visit temples to offer prayers for good luck in the coming year and you will see bright lanterns throughout the city. You will be able to enjoy the spectacular parade, a sensational fireworks display at the harbour and exciting action at the local racing track. Markets sell festive foods and there is a joyous mood everywhere.

Another fascinating event celebrated in Hong Kong is the Ching Ming Festival. On this occasion local families remember their departed loved ones, sweeping and weeding graves, touching up the inscriptions on tombstones, lighting incense and making offerings of various kinds of foods. Another celebration with a similar theme is the Hungry Ghost Festival, during which it is believed that spirits wander the earth. People provide for their ancestors and other ghosts by burning fake money as well as other offerings for the benefit of these spirits.

Not to be missed is the much anticipated Dragon Boat Festival during which the highlight is the exciting race between the teams rowing the elaborately decorated dragon boats. Meanwhile the Mid-Autumn Festival is another local celebration where families reunite and a host of enjoyable carnivals and lantern displays are organized.

However Hong Kong residents also celebrate Western festivals, with events like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Halloween enthusiastically observed by the people of the city. Visitors can join in these exciting festivities.

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