Transport yourself 3,000 years into Dubai’s past, before today’s gleaming sky-scrapers and sumptuous palaces of today, and discover a village existence of mud huts and palm leaves that subsisted on pearl-diving, which you will encounter in the quaint surrounds of the Dubai Heritage Village. Find yourself some sumptuous accommodation in Dubai in the form of the Anantara Palm which is an excellent Jumeirah beach hotel to host your stay.Explore a completely different world when you trek through the quaint enclave of the Dubai Heritage Village, a completely preserved snap shot into a simpler era of Dubai’s past. You will get to tour an aged mosque that dates back 200 years, as well as meet the governor of the village at the Al Husen Majilis, which houses an expansive conference room, an intriguing collection of aged weapons, and the governor’s living quarters. Learn about the pearl-diving trade, which saw pearl fishermen conduct dangerous aquatic excursions to the bed of the Arabian Gulf in order to cull the most promising oysters that hopefully contained a lustrous pearl treasure within its shelled lips. Witness the artefacts of a Bedouin lifestyle, included tented replicas of a village, an antiquated armory, rustic wooden chests, and charming cooking utensils of yore. The Heritage Village is contained within what is known as Hatta village, which is one of the country’s most ancient sites of a village settlement. Identified by its fortified buildings, it boasts around thirty houses that have seen complete refurbishment to their original glory, and you can tour the interiors of these fascinating dwellings. You will encounter local craftspersons plying their wares in the village, including textile creation, farming, and blacksmiths who earn money via renting out their homes to visitors keen to experience the Dubai of a simpler era. Sit back and relax at several meeting places scattered throughout the village, whilst being served a rich cup of authentic Arabian coffee and a delicious accompaniment of dates. Later, cool your heels and embark on a pearl diving ship that will tour the waters of the gulf whilst presenting you with a first-hand glimpse of the country’s most iconic commerce activity. A break from the usual glamour and flash of the city, a visit to the Dubai Heritage Village offers a rare glimpse into Dubai’s underappreciated past.that promises to deliver a hospitality, entertainment, and shopping experience like none other,

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