The captivating city of Jakarta offers a myriad of attractions for the visitor including a number of exciting leisure venues. An appealing accommodation choice in this city would be a hotel in Jakarta such as Keraton at The Plaza, Jakarta. This attractive hotel offers well-appointed rooms with a host of convenient amenities.

If you desire to relax and unwind at a well-designed theme park in Jakarta, the alluring Dunia Fantasi will meet your expectations. This international standard theme park features more than thirty rides and other attractions assuring a delightful time for all. Dunia Fantasi is subdivided into eight themed sections, namely Indonesia, Jakarta, Africa, Asia, Europe, America as well as the Legendary Fantasy area which has been constructed to resemble Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

Amongst the park’s most acclaimed attractions are the exciting Halilintar twisting roller coaster, the Niagara – a well-designed flume ride, the Monkey Parody animated show, and the Istana Boneka which is especially popular amongst children. Other enjoyable attractions at the park include the swinging ship ‘Kora Kora’, the ferris wheel ‘Bianglala’, the exciting spinning cup ride ‘Poci-Poci’ and the sensational ‘Hysteria’.

Additionally you will find a host of the latest and most involving advanced rides such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Power Surge’, ‘Tornado’ and ‘Meteor Attack’, all of which are just as thrilling and innovative as their names suggest. However you will also be able to enjoy other seasonally presented attractions at this groundbreaking park such as the Euro Kids Circus, Russian Circus and the Le Belles special cabaret performance.

Another special feature at Dunia Fantasi is the spectacular themed area based on the internationally well-known ‘Ice Age’ animated films. ‘Ice Age’ aficionados will have the opportunity to experience innovative entertainment with the characters they know and love. The ‘Ice Age’ ride takes visitors on wooden boats and features a host of unexpected and thrilling aspects that will get the adrenaline pumping. With so much to see and do a visit to Dunia Fantasi is sure to delight and satisfy the expectations of its guests.

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