The province of Bali in Indonesia is fondly called the Island of the Gods and its picturesque beauty complete with sandy beaches and lush green landscapes is a testimony to this fact. For those who seek a holiday complete with diverse activities as well as relaxation, Bali is an ideal location to visit.images (4)

The capital of Bali, Tabanan, offers its visitors a multitude of activities and a number of places of interest. For those seeking an insight into the history of the area and are interested in seeing ruins of ancient structures, the Alas Kedaton Temple located near Kukuh will pique their interest.

For those who wish to hike or trek in the area, the peaks of Lesung, Tapak and Pohen and the surrounding natural reserves should provide them with an exhilarating excursion. Another peak, the Jatiluwih encompasses a shorter excursion, but the view from the top makes the climb worthwhile for one is treated to a beautiful view of rice terraces stretching endlessly. Since this is not very well known to tourists, it will definitely not be crowded and is an ideal method of exploring the picturesque countryside of Tabanan.
If one is looking for an excursion that will last an entire day, one option is to make a visit to the Bratan Lake. The temperature of the area and its cool climate makes it a pleasant location to spend the day. Alternatively, a visit to Raya Eka Karya Botanical gardens which is home to around 450 species of orchids will make for a relaxing stroll as you walk amidst the multitude of flowers in a kaleidoscope of colours.62333168
However, the central attraction of the city of Tabanan is the Tabanan Hot Springs. These Yeh Panas & Penatahen Hot Springs can be found on the banks of River Ho. While sulphur is traditionally believed to be harmful to human health, its combination with sodium in these bubbling hot springs is extremely favourable as it is said to be a curer of skin problems. Therefore, those suffering from ailments of the skin may try their luck by having a bath in the Yeh Panas & Pentahan Hot Springs and perhaps this unlikely combination of elements may cure your troublesome skin ailments.
Whether you are in the mood for an exhilarating hike, a relaxing day out, a pleasant stroll or even a healing bath, there is always an activity in Tabanan that will interest you. Therefore, when in the area, one must opt for comfortable and luxurious accommodation that will complement the rest of their vacation, perhaps in the form of luxury villas Bali. When opting for such accommodation, Alila Villas Soori proves to be a commendable choice for their luxury villas in Bali will provide you with the luxurious opulence, world class dining and impeccable service that you deserve.