We are all concerned about the environment and preserving it is something that everyone should be responsible for. That is why eco tourism has become such an important factor worth considering especially when holidaying in such countries as the Maldives. Travellers in search of a Maldives island resort that follows eco-friendly principles can consider staying at Kuramathi Island. Apart from featuring Maldives villas, this resort also has many eco-friendly elements including energy saving air conditioning units and the use of recycled water.

Travellers should keep in mind that the environment should be preserved for future generations as well. There are many protected dive sites in the Maldives and those on snorkelling or diving excursions should keep in mind not to disturb the corals which are an integral part of the marine ecosystem. Additional eco friendly measures taken by certain resorts such as Kuramathi Island include the growing of organic produce which is both healthy and sustainable as well.

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