While the Maldives is popular amongst honeymooning couples, this island paradise also offers plenty of activities for families. A nature walk for kids is one such excursion that children can enjoy and visitors can experience such activities at a Maldives island resort such as Kuramathi Island. Featuring elegant Maldives villas, this idyllic island getaway provides a variety of “walks” for young and old alike, letting you truly appreciate the country’s lush green landscapes.

Many of the islands are blessed with natural beauty that goes beyond the pristine sands of its beaches. While exploring the islands you will come across a variety of flora including medicinal plants. Kids will love the outdoor adventure, while certain islands also have pockets of rainforests which are particularly interesting to explore. Young visitors will also be fascinated by walks along the shore where you may even get a chance to see crabs scuttling along the sand.

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