An elephant ride in Sri Lanka must be added to your bucket list! Let out a heave and a sigh and mount a majestic elephant. In many parts of Sri Lanka elephant rides are a popular mode of enjoying the landscape. The ride would be slow yet eventful with the right amount of distractions. If you are contemplating things to do in Sigiriya you must make it a point to mount the prickly back of an elephant. The iconic rock fortress would loom in the background while absorb the beautiful surroundings. Located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, it has been found that the land that surrounds Sigiriya was inhabited since prehistoric times. Later on, it was the refuge of King Kasyapa. It is on this history-laden land that Hotel Sigiriya is located; it is also these surroundings that you will admire on elephant back.

Your ride will commence from the Sigiriya “wewa” (lake). The short journey will include dips in the wewa and sudden spurts of water thrown overhead by your gentle friend, the elephant. Travel in this manner for around an hour and bid goodbye to the friendly giant.
You also must be aware that the gentle giant is bound to get distracted by the foliage around. Thus, allowing you to make observations on the behaviour of these grand beings. The ride is enjoyable for two reasons. While you acquaint yourself with the history of the land, you will also be growing fonder of one of Sri Lanka’s precious possessions, the Asian Elephant.

Charges could differ but a ride costs approximately $25 per person. The affordability and memorable nature of the elephant back ride in Sigiriya should persuade you and your family to visit Sri Lanka and spend more time in Sigiriya.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.