The majestic and awe inspiring Rub Al Khali is known as the world’s biggest and most undisturbed body of sand. It is also known as the Empty Quarter and is guaranteed to stun anybody who witnesses its beauty and solidarity. The mammoth dunes and the lonely desert are sure to render you speechless with their own versions of formidable beauty and singularity.

The dunes are known to change the shape constantly and the region was brought into the limelight after Wilfred Thesiger, a renowned British explorer, and the delegation which consisted of Oman and Arab nationals, discovered it in the years between 1940 and 1950.There are quite a few Liwa desert resort options such as Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara and others, where a foreigner will be able to find comfortable accommodation with easy access to the stretches of powdery sands in the Liwa desert. The rustic sands hold a magic and mystery of their own and the desert is better travelled with a skilled driver or guide at your side, which is a facility that most resorts and hotels offer.

The Tel Moreeb is more than 300 metres in height and is spoken of as the highest sand dune in the world. The climb up to the top of this dune is enjoyable and is angled at 50 degrees. Enthusiastic motor sport fanatics engage in the activity of taking on this sand dune and each consecutive winter season, there is a competition that consists of four wheel drive vehicles and bikers that ride to the top of the dune. This event forms part of the Liwa International Festival. The best part of the adventure is the thrill that you feel as you crash into hills of sand at high speed seated on powerful vehicles and finally reach the summit, from where the view is simply magnificent.

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