The entire Vietnam locality seems to change and shrug off the remnants of the old whilst they prepare for the new as the days closes in on the Tet holiday. With many of the shops displaying greetings such as “Happy New Year” at their entrances, most of the roads take on another-worldly beauty with the many fairy lights that come on at night. Many gift baskets are prepared to be given away, filled to the brim with delicious Vietnamese sweet dishes. If you wish to feel the vibe that the country exudes during Tet, this is the perfect time to holiday here. With many tourists coming in to be a part of these beautiful celebrations, many hotels and resorts such as Anantara Hoi An Resort among others, can be seen providing accommodation to the visitors. If you happen to be travelling with your family and friends, a deluxe river view suite or another such accommodation type which offers a great vista, would be ideal.

Many locals believe that all debts of the old year must be settled before the dawn of the new one. At the same time, people buy new clothes and the likes in preparation of a fresh start during the New Year. Many traditional sweet dishes and other food items are prepared. It is customary for the locals to visit family and friends during the Tet holiday and engage in certain auspicious activities that they carry out to honor the deceased members of their family. There are quite a few local games that are played and beautiful firework displays can be seen taking to the skies.

Elders give the little ones an envelope that contains a bit of cash referred to as “lucky money” and the entire area takes on an aura of rejoicing and celebration.

The day of the Tet falls on different days each year as the holiday is celebrated in accordance with the lunar system of marking days. However, the day is usually celebrated between the months of January and February.

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