pasikudah beach jetwing
                                          Pasikudah Beach , Sunrise by Jetwing 

The island of Sri Lanka is probably one of the most beautiful tropical islands in existence, despite being a fairly small landmass, has a very diverse range of geography to offer. Something that this nation is very popular for, are its beaches, and if you enjoy pristine unspoilt beaches, then east is the way to go. Situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka, Pasikudah is soon becoming a place that is in very high demand and for good reason too. There are many Passikudah hotels for visitors to choose from such as Sunrise by Jetwing.

The best thing about Pasikudah is of course, the beaches. This town has one of the world’s longest stretches of shallow coastline. Beach-goers can easily walk more than a kilometre into the sea since the waters are very shallow and the currents are incredibly gentle. Given the strong presence of coral communities around this area, there is a protected Marine Sanctuary since some of the most vital reef systems in the world are located here.

Further off the coast of Pasikudah, you will find a great of exotic marine life, especially whales. The east coast of Sri Lanka is one of the best places to go whale watching. The waters around Sri Lanka have recently been recognised as having incredibly high concentrations of Blue Whales and probably the highest in the world. One can also easily find sperm whales and schools of spinner dolphins.

Just over thirty kilometres away from Pasikudah is Batticaloa, another coastal town. This place has a very unique phenomenon that even attracted the attention of BBC Radio. One particular area in the Batticaloa lagoon had musical noises emanating from it, and to this day you can visit the lagoon and hear what people refer to as the ‘singing fish’.

If you’re looking for a beach-centric journey like no other, then Pasikudah is definitely a place you should consider.

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