Tropical coral reefs, whale sharks and authentic dining are only a handful of experiences to be met with on a vacation to Koh Tao, a high-spirited island in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is famed for its unique diving expeditions in placid waters.

Visions of Domino, Koh Tao (24870972905), CC BY 2.0

Choosing Your Course

Diving headfirst into a “Zero to Hero” package may not be the wisest of choices. Tourists are recommended to follow the “Open Water” course to obtain the preliminary certification and then proceed to higher levels, even up to becoming instructors. Koh Tao is located 63 kilometres from a Koh Samui family resort. Therefore, if a scuba diving session or lesson in Koh Tao is in the books for you, hop on a ferry from your accommodation at Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort and reach your destination in less than 2 hours. 

Choosing the School

Diving is a lifestyle in Koh Tao and the island is no short of diving schools, and catering packages suited for every level. Choose your fit from approximately 70 diving schools, categorised according to courses. The larger schools on the island house instructors that can speak in almost every tongue and are equipped with large scuba powerhouse resorts to accommodate hundreds of students. The medium-sized schools however are the perfect balance with large groups to network with but not overcrowding or rushed courses. Smaller schools focus on specific specialities and often rent boat space and pool time. 

The Right Time for a Dive

Choosing the timeline for your dive in April and May is often the smarter choice. The ocean is calm, clear and inviting during this season, setting the perfect atmosphere for the sport. The warm waters have proven to be easier to explore, featuring a considerable number of shark sightings. However, apart from the months of November and December when the winds are strong, any other time of year could be your season for diving. 

Unique Dive Sites

Every inch of Koh Tao is brimming with crystal clear dive sites that are friendly enough for your underwater adventure. Some of the most popular dive sites on the island are Twins, Southwest, White Rock, Shark Island, Chumphon, HTMS Sattakut and Sail Rock, offering you a lot of choices to begin your diving adventure.