Vanuatu is a lovely piece of paradise. You can meet sea creatures, explore tropical greenery and simply have a leisurely holiday.

Vanuatu Beach
Vanuatu Beach | Image Credit : Jae Lee, Champagne Beach, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Beach days

After you check your family in to your idea of the best family resort in Vanuatu, spend some time at the beach, chilling out. If your family loves playing about in the water, get yourself in to Hideaway Island to snorkel, dive and kayak. More daring amidst you can even paddle board.

Picnic near Cascades waterfall

Go on a picnic to Cascades waterfall to enjoy the spell of a tropical waterfall. These falls are located just under 20 minutes away from Port Vila hotels such as the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu. There is a picnic spot near the falls with a large pool to dip in when you feel like it.

Get to know the local culture

Meet the locals in Pentecost Island and witness their traditional way (well nearly) of life. You can visit cocoa and kava plantations.

Indulge in a Melanesian feast

Spend an evening of dance, music and a lavish buffet of tropical delights at a Melanesian feast. Your resort most probably will throw a feast for you. Feast on roast pork, done the old way and some papaya chicken. Sip kava and embrace the island culture.