Planning a family holiday to Hong Kong this year? Don’t miss out on a visit to the magical world of Disneyland Hong Kong with the kids. If you wish to enjoy the various rides and sites thoroughly but wish to avoid the potential exhaustion factor, plan your visit for two half days. That way the kids will not be too exhausted to enjoy each moment to its fullest. They could enjoy the rides and visits to the many castles and play areas during the early part of the day on the first visit and head to the park in the evening on the second day to catch the fireworks display for a spectacular ending. There are plenty of hotels in Kowloon, Hong Kong which provide easy access to Disneyland Hong Kong such as the Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong.

If your kids love to meet and greet their favourite characters from the world of Disney, take them to the Fantasy Garden. Pagodas scattered all around the garden are where your kids can find their adored characters and there are onsite photographers to take pictures of the kids with their much loved Disney heroes.

For thrill seekers, there are the famous rides including ‘It’s a Small World’ ride in Fantasyland and ‘Dumbo the Flying Elephant’ ride in the same vicinity as well as ‘Hyperspace Mountain’ in Tomorrowland, Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland and much more. The Soldier parachute drop is a much loved escapade by many visitors.

However, Disneyland Hong Kong’s latest craze is the ‘Iron Man Experience’. You can enjoy the thrill of being airborne in Tony Stark’s gravity-defying Iron Wing flight vessel and look at his inventive gadgets to your heart’s delight.

To enjoy all the Disneyland wonders, ensure that you arrive before the park opens to avoid long lines to the rides and bring sunscreen, for the sun shines bright in the amazing world of Disney dreams.