Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s popular states, is known for its rich culture and heritage. Provinces of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Lampung, Bali and Sumatra are known to be popular tourist destinations as well, due to the presence of several stunning natural, cultural and recreational attractions in these areas. One such cultural attraction in Jakarta is the always bustling Fatahilla Square. One of the most recommendable luxury apartment hotels is Country Woods Jakarta; which offers a range of serviced apartments in South Jakarta.

Located just in front of the Jakarta History Museum is the 1.5 hectare Fatahilla Square. Originally established by the Dutch as part of Batavia, the old city they set up in present day Jakarta. The square is a hub of activity, always buzzing with busy street vendors, food stalls, visiting tourists and locals who have come to hang out. It truly is a great place to get in touch with the culture and lifestyle of Jakarta.

Fatahilla Square has many exciting features about it. A visit to the square reminisces olden day Batavia, with its wide canals and remnants of Dutch stylized town houses and buildings, giving a glimpse of Dutch Indonesia. The square is full of various food stalls and hence is a great place to try out the local cuisine. You can try out the likes of bakso; delicions Indonesian noodles, kerak telor; a traditional Indonesian dish with sticky rice and an omelet, and kue cubit; a type of small pancakes. The Fatahilla Square is also surrounded by many museums, such as the History Museum, the Fine Arts and Ceramic Museum and the Wayang Museum. In addition this, the square is great for just walking around and absorbing the local culture and lifestyle. Many tourists prefer to cycle around the square taking pictures of the olden buildings.

The square is often the site of many cultural performances as well, so you can be assured that a visit to Fatahilla Square will not disappoint.

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