Coonoor is a small hill station city in the Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu, India. Known for great scenery and picturesque sights, Coonoor is a great location for a family location. The city is great for outdoor activity and exploring and trekking along the hills and forests. A great place for accommodation while in Coonoor is at The Gateway Hotel Church Road Coonoor; a luxury Coonoor hotel which offers warm hospitality and excellence in service.

Coonoor has many great attractions and highlights which are suited for families. Possibly the best the activity that will give you and your family lots of fun and thrills is embarking on a trek to the Nilgiri Mountains. Possibly one of the most famous mountain ranges in Tamil Nadu, Niligiri is known for its beautiful rolling mountains, amazing peaks and picturesque scenery. There are many trekking paths suited for visitors of varying skill level, so you can easily pick one which the whole family can go through. Trekking to Nilgiri is a great opportunity to have a family adventure and have family picnics at exotic locations along the range.

There are many other exciting attractions at Coonoor which are ideal for families. You could visit the renowned Sim’s Park; known for its beautiful lawns and gardens and tranquil atmosphere, which is a favorite amongst tourists and their families. Another favorite attraction is the Dolphin’s Nose; a viewpoint which offers one of the best views of Niligiri District as well as the Catherine Falls. Venturing out to discover Laws Falls; a magnificent 180ft tall waterfall, is also certainly going to be a great opportunity for a family adventure. Apart from these attractions make sure to check out Lamb’s Rock as well as the Guernsey Tea Factory.

Coonoor is also a great place to shop for traditional items. You should also try and experience some of the local cuisine which is known for its particularly spicy and zesty flavor. All in all, Coonoor has all the makings to afford its visitors a great family holiday.

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