Indonesia is a land of beauty, brilliance and rich culture. The capital Jakarta and surroundings have interesting places and the Bogor Botanical Gardens should be a must on any visitor’s itinerary. Enjoyment of Jakarta will be enhanced if you are well lodged and Jakarta City hotel accommodation meets diverse needs and budgets. For relaxation and comfort in Jakarta, Alila Jakarta providing all modern conveniences would be a great place to stay.

Bogor, lies 60 km south of Jakarta and is an hour’s drive from there. The Bogor Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya Bogor) covers around 87 hectares and is fronted by the Bogor Presidential Palace and has the Salak Mountains as a backdrop. It has over 400 species of palms, 5000 tropical trees and an orchidarium housing an unimaginable variety of the exotic bloom. Sir Stamford Raffles, a former British Lieutenant Governor of Indonesia (1781-1826) is considered the ‘Father of Bogor Botanical Gardens’.

Among the notable places within the gardens are the Old Dutch Cemetery, the Zoology Museum, the Lady Raffles Memorial Monument with a poem inscribed in it about the love of Sir Stamford Raffles, the Mexican Park with its dry desert plants and Astrid Park inspired by named after the Queen Consort of King Leopold 111 of Belgium who visited Bogor Botanical Gardens in 1929. Red, yellow and green predominates this garden and red and yellow canna lilies bloom in profusion here too. The Palm Oil Monument marks the site of the ancient palm oil tree in Indonesia. The beautiful Teijsman Gardens named after the longest serving Director of the Gardens and the Soedjana Kassan Park with plants forming an eagle, the collections of screw pine and ferns, lotuses and the Melchior Treub and the Treub Laboratory( Indonesia’s first phyto chemical laboratory) merit a visit too. Koompasia Excelsa, the tallest tree in South East Asia is found here and beautiful sculpted statues like the Little Mermaid, the Nandi Cow and Shiva statues dot the gardens.

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