Officially opened by Tun Dr Mahathir, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia in the year 1997, Genting Skyway has the ability to carry more than 2,000 people per hour accommodating 8 passengers per gondola. The journey up the mountain takes around 15 minutes provided you are blessed with excellent weather conditions. It is known as one of the most durable mono cable installations in the world and has a double safety circuit compiling to the Swiss standards. This relaxing, scenic ride offers you some breathtaking bird’s eye views of the hills, whilst ensuring your maximum safety.

Tourists could disembark at the Genting Skyway Station and with its exceptional facilities and services on offer one never has to worry about hotel check-ins and baggage clearance. Thus it is a matter of dwelling in the surroundings whilst enjoying a super smooth ride up the hills. The international repute of the Genting Highlands as well as Malaysia was greatly enhanced by this newest addition to the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

The ‘Hang –dug Caisson’ type pylons used for the foundation can withstand an average load of 4,000 tons and is known to be one of the strongest in existence. Thus it is no doubt that Genting Skyway is the safest and the most convenient way up the hills and a whole lot of entertainment complete with Las Vegas style casinos and theme parks await you up at the hill. Undoubtedly dubbed as a self-proclaimed City of Entertainment, it is the place to be if you hope to get away from the steamy lowlands of Kuala Lumpur.

Situated just minutes away from the KL mono rail Mark Service Suites Kuala Lumpur has all amenities a modern luxurious suite should have and is geared to meet all your service requirements. Conveniently located adjacent to the Jalon Alor and Bukti Bintang famous for local hawker cuisine, a Kuala Lumpur service apartment is sought after by many tourists on business and pleasure. Entertainment hubs, state of the art shopping arcades and authentic Malaysian cuisine are all in store for you when you plan your stay with a hotel apartment Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

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