Harvard Square is a world of activity complete with shopping, cultural, dining and entertainment activities and so much more. This creates no doubt in why the vivacious Harvard Square attracts more than 8 million people each year. Apart from its sheer entertainment, people from all across the world visit here due to its prestigious history, ideas, books and simply because it’s a place of learning.

Harvard Square was originally instigated in 1630 as Newtowne’s colonial village. It was North America’s foremost planned town and most of its streets that were built in 1631 are being used even today. Apart from the streets, many age old structures have been well preserved unlike many other New England cities.

Harvard Square is home to many eminent bookstores, coffee shops, fine shopping and dining venues, theatres, street-performers and so much more. Some of the most famous bookstores that can be found here include Harvard Coop, Harvard Book Store, Out of Town News, Million Year Picnic, James and Devon Gray Booksellers, Lame Duck Books and many more.

Harvard Square is home to more than 40 prominent cultural organizations apart from its vibrant street scene. It also boasts numerous galleries and museums such as Harvard Art Museum, Holyoke Center Exhibition Space, Pierre Menard Gallery, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Lumen Eclipse and The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Renowned theatres include American Repertory Theatre, Hasty Puddings Theatricals and Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre.

Furthermore, Harvard Square boasts some unique dining venues such as 16 Garden Street Restaurant, 9 Tastes, Boloco, Bombay Club, Border Café and much more. It is also considered a shopper’s paradise with an extensive choice of shops available in every corner. Some of the best places to shop include 7-Eleven Inc., adidas Originals, Berk’s Stores, Bob Slate Stationers, City Sports, Curious George and Friends, Crimson Corner and Didriks. Services at Harvard Square range from spa therapy, tailoring to financial institutions.

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