Myanmar, a Southeast Asian nation located facing the Bay of Bengal, is a popular tourist destination. Considered to be the second largest country in Asia, Myanmar is a nation with a rich history and heritage, beautiful natural features, and a highly diverse society. Many tour agencies in Sri Lanka, such as Mackinnons Travels, offer tours and holiday packages to the intriguing nation of Myanmar, which ensure that your cover all that needs to be seen.

Myanmar is known for its rich culture and history and thus offers tourists an opportunity to witness amazing ancient cities that existed in the orient, as well as many other stunning forests, nature trails and beaches. Apart from this, given Myanmar’s numerous ethnicities, there are many cultural attractions that are worth seeing as well. Thus, you can be assured that staying in Myanmar for a holiday is sure to be an exotic and truly fascinating experience.

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A holiday stay at Myanmar would be incomplete if you don’t visit some of its amazing ancient cities. Before Myanmar was a colony it had an imperial system, and many of the ruins of the imperial cities are still in existence. In cities such as Mrauk U and Bagan you will be able to see many ruins of pagodas, living quarters, ancient offices and other landmarks dating back to 7th Century. These cities are archeologically and historically of extreme value, and thus warrant a visit. Another highlight of Myanmar are the nature trails of Kengtung, Pyin Oo Lwin and Putao, which are known for their beautiful lakes and luscious scenery. Golden sandy beaches in Ngapali and Mergui are also immensely popular amongst tourists. In addition to this, try and visit some of the local mamarkets or partake in cultural and religious festivals such as the Thingyan New Year Festival, the Festival of Lights, and the Regatta Festival. With all these features, Myanmar is a recommendable destination for a holiday stay.