The sea turtle hatchery in Beruwela is a sanctuary for the endangered species. It’s part of the Sri Lanka sea turtle conservation project that keeps a close eye on local sea turtle activity and work towards conserving the natural nestling sites.

The hatchery is located just a few minutes’ away from most of the Sri Lanka Beach Hotels in Beruwela; such as the Cinnamon Bey Beruwela.

The sea turtle project in Sri lanka has been underway since 1988. It aims to make the public more aware of how endangered these beautiful species is and just how important it is to help protect them before it is too late.

The hatchery staff collects and rescues eggs so they can hatch safely away from predators and even natural causes of intimidation. The program is intended to maximize the number of hatchlings reaching the sea while ensuring that they survive during the critical stages of their life.

A visit to this place is well worth your time and is a refreshing experience. At the hatchery, you would see about 10 tanks filled with turtles, either new hatchlings waiting to be released to the sea or older, wiser turtles that have been rescued. If you are lucky you would even get to see a hatching, but this doesn’t happen every day.

You can however be a part of the hatchling release process which is a heartwarming experience. This usually takes place during late afternoon, close to sunset. The staff pick out the hatchlings fit for release and place them in little buckets that are given to you. You are then asked to trek a couple of meters down to the beach, where a starting line is drawn in the sand which you’re not allowed to cross.

Then, one by one the little turtles are released. It is elating to just watch as these adorable hatchlings eagerly scurry towards their freedom and glide into the vast blue ocean; where they really belong.

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