Hong Kong is one of the most intriguing metropolitan landscapes in Asia. It also functions as an arts and cultural platform with many of Asia’s biggest events regarding anything from visual art to performance art taking place here. Due to its popularity as a tourism destination many chain hotels in Asia with examples such as Travelodge Hotels Asia have outlets located within Hong Kong.

One of the biggest attractions in Hong Kong is the Ocean Park, which by 2014 became the largest theme park in Asia and attracted 7.6 million visitors in that year alone. In addition to a vast selection of rides and attractions, the theme park also features exhibitions related to wild-life and even wild-life conservation. This adds an element of education to the entertainment.

The Giant Panda exhibit is one of the most marvellous attributes of Ocean Park, and is an exciting way to be in the presence of one of the rarest creatures on Earth. The Giant Panda is a considered a national treasure, and is endemic to China. There are only around 1000-2000 of these majestic creatures in existence.

Giant panda| Photo By Jacklee (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
In addition to the panda exhibit, Ocean Park boasts the largest aquarium-dome in the world. The Marine World section of the park features a comprehensive display of ocean life, ranging from native species of fish to an entire exhibit dedicated to jelly-fish and even the park’s very own Killer-Whale. There are even two rides within this section, including a roller-coaster and a turbo-drop ride.

These are but few of the countless attractions and experiences that are featured within the park, catering to the needs of adrenaline junkies as well as animal enthusiasts. If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, the Ocean Park is definitely an essential experience. Where else can you find roller-coasters and killer-whales in one place?


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