Salalah being the birthplace of the current Sultan is surrounded by a long stretch of beach and palm trees. Salalah is the best place to start your journey to explore the region. Here are some top picks.

Al Mughsail Beach

A good way to begin your journey in Salalah is to consider heading over to Al Mughsail Beach which is very famous for its stunning sunsets and excellent conditions for swimming. You can catch a glimpse of the fabulous Salalah coastline and nearby mountains coupled with the crashing waves. Also, this beach is a paradise for bird watching! Different varieties of birds can be spotted along the beach.

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Museum of the Frankincense Land

After having a nice time at the beach, visit the Museum of the Frankincense Land which is considered as one of the rarest of gems in all of Oman. It will take you through the history whilst educating you on the value of Frankincense. For those who opt to stay at a Salalah beach resort the likes of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, it’s just a 4-minute drive to the museum.

Salalah Gardens Mall

The Salalah Gardens Mall is sure to cater to every whim and fancy of yours! From exciting entertainment facilities to a range of restaurants where you can savour delightful Middle Eastern cuisine, the mall is a must visit place in Salalah.

Wadi Darbat

Don’t forget to go on a scenic cruise along Wadi Darbat to witness a beautiful valley in its pristine conditions. Enjoy vistas of mountainous regions and lush greenery as they welcome you to a state of contentment unlike no other in Oman.

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