Elephants have been on the roam since for as long as Thailand history traces back. Before industrialization, before the laying out of railways lines or introduction of auto mobiles the most secured, preferred and efficient form of land transportation was the riding on elephants. Even at present, in the dense jungles the safest means of navigation is riding on an elephant for this gentle giant can take you across any terrain. Located 3 km from Hua Hin is the elephant Village that is home to 18 elephants of which there are 2 males, 16 females and of course the popular favourite being the dear little baby elephant who to the great amusement of the onlookers will perform many a daring little stunts and tricks. 
Upon arrival to the village one’s attention will be immediately captured by these beautiful and intelligent creatures that will amaze you by their strength and clever team work. You can feed the elephants with bananas and take up close pictured for as massive and strong as they come, these animals are gentle and friendly unless severely provoked. If you are in Thailand, and you love elephants then the place to be is the Elephant Village in Hua Hin.
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