The Institute of Contemporary Arts or ICA is one of Boston’s prestigious art museums and exhibition venues, which hosts many works by contemporary artists. The facility, which was founded under the name of the Boston Museum of Modern Art in 1936, was re-branded as the Institute of Contemporary Arts in the year 1948.

The ICA, which strives to share the nuances of contemporary art with the public, in means of reflections, inspiration, provocation and imagination. This wondrous gift to society partakes in handling many mediums, be it visual or performance art, music, film and video. Furthermore, the ICA also provides means for bettering the talents of those who dabble in art making, by means of educational and experiential learning in order to expedite appreciation for art and culture, along with programs and workshops, which are conducted for individual and families.

Previously located at Boylston Street in the Back Bay area, it was relocated to its current location in the Seaport District of South Boston in 2006 around the time of the launch of the museum’s permanent art collection. Showcasing to Boston many of the nation’s and the world’s contemporary and modern art, the ICA stands as a platform of exposure for prestigious artistes and newcomers. The West Gallery of the museum has seen the likes of Anish Kapoor, Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Tara Donovan. Furthermore, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theatre showcases dance, music and theatrics, at unparalleled heights. Apart from art and theatrics, the ICA is also base for highlighting the likes of film and video, whereby offers enthusiasts with the likes of regional, national and international cinema; experimental and independent film, video, and digital media.

This wonderful place of art and beauty, focuses on the limitless bounty of human imagination and calls on people to partake in the journey of discovery. Take time to visit Institute of Contemporary Arts while staying at one of the hotels in Boston. With many Boston hotels offering comfortable accommodation, the Langham Hotel Boston offers guests more than just comfort.