Australia is considered to be one of the greatest places to holiday in due to the diversity of things it has to offer. Almost every state in Australia has been welcoming towards the interstate as well as overseas visitors. The city of Ipswich is no exception to this. There are various activities aimed at tourist taking place all year round and there is a wide range of places for tourists to stay at as well while in Ipswich. Hotel accommodation is one of the most common forms of lodging among visitors who arrive here. However since of late there has been a growing demand for self contained apartments among tourist. Among the many available one that has managed to secure a high preference among tourists is Oaks Aspire Apartments. Mostly due to the availability of modern amenities and ambience as well as the flexibility to choose from various types of apartments have contributed to this decision. Also the close proximity of the complex to most tourist attractions is another key factor.

The Ipswich Nature Centre is one of the key attractions in the city. The center is home to a varying range of Australian wild life, well landscaped gardens as well as replicas of local bushes and flora. The park is open six days a week and the entry to the reserve is free however a donation is more than welcomed as it will help in the running of the park. The park is viewed as a highly educational piece to the community as various programs and activities around the park aim to educate the community about the various threats posed to the wild life, flora and fauna of the region.

There are various activities around the region to keep the inquisitive tourist busy. The city is not too far from Queensland’s capital Brisbane as well.


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