One of the Australian cities that see most number of tourist arrivals is Melbourne. Loved by tourist for its cosmopolitan environment the city boasts of numerous attractions. Melbourne offers countless number of choices of accommodation options to all its visitors. The accommodation in Melbourne is spread across various areas of the city; a popular hot spot for tourist is South Bank Melbourne Accommodation. A popular option with this regard isWRAP on Southbank the apartment hotel offers apartments to suit various types of travelers needs and has a unique design that is eye catching.

Among the attractions in Melbourne a prominent place is given to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. Listed as one of the must visit places in Melbourne the aquarium welcomes thousands of local as well as international visitors annually.

Apart from a typical experience of viewing the underwater creatures in glass tanks the Melbourne aquarium goes on to make this an extraordinary experience by adding various other activities. The newest addition is the glass bottom boat tours. This tour allows visitors to catch a closer glimpse of the animals and how things work behind the scene at the 2.2 million liter aquarium.

Another one of the famous activities is the Penguin Passport, a once in a lifetime experience with the sub Atlantic Penguins of Sea World. This tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and lets you interact closely in Arctic ice conditions with the Penguins. Another interesting thing to check out while being here is the Coral Caves where some of the most vibrant animals of the ocean can be witnessed. The rain forest experience is yet another memorable experience as the visitors are swiftly transported to the fresh waters running through some of the world’s greatest rainforests to witness the biodiversity that inhibits these waters. Above all there are various programmes aimed at children to educate them about conserving these gems into the future.