Despite being small in area, Singapore offers visitors innumerable ways in which to experience this distinct Asian nation. Recognised as a developed country in terms of commercial and financial enterprise its natural landscapes provide a welcoming haven in this busy cosmopolitan state.
Keen to promote the country as a Garden City, the State has strived to create an environment which is both bio-diversified and visually delightful. The gardens, parks, natural reserves have been designed to offer an uplifting experience for visitors. The Parks in Singapore can be differentiated as city and heritage parks, community greens, coastal greens, nature estates and botanical gardens to name a few.
Among these is the Istana Park, a premier Singaporean Park located within the Central business district and lies opposite the Presidential Residence, known as the Istana, hence its name. Covering an area of over 13,000 square metres, this lush oasis was completed in the mid-1990s and designed to incorporate the beauty of the surrounding official state residence.
Among the unique attractions and features on view in the park is the Festival Arch. Designed with a combination of stainless steel and concrete this structure presents the entry into nation’s Civic district, the city’s historic heartbeat. A fascinating sight at the park is the reflecting pool. Pleasing to the beholder, adjacent coconut palms reinforce the haven of these gardens.
In inimitable Singaporean style the monthly ceremony of the changing of the guards witnessed at the entrance of the Istana Park is another crowd pleaser. The grounds are also used as a venue for various cultural and musical shows. Visitors to the Park can revive themselves at the Giraffe Restaurant located in the grounds. International cuisine is available for diners, serving visitors from all walks of life. Other amenities available in the Park include ponds, benches, shelters and trellises and as a popular location for photography aficionados.
Singapore is not only synonymous for its shopping and leisure activities but also for the many Singapore hotels on Orchard road. Visitors will be spoilt for choice in choosing a hotel in Singapore. Located on the boulevard is the Orchard Hotel Singapore, an ideal venue for both the business and leisure visitors. The elegantly designed rooms and other facilities provide the perfect locale from which to enjoy Singapore to the fullest.