Siem Reap is a destination that is very popular among the tourists and a place that would bring much enthusiasm to one’s life time experiences. The Silk Farm which is sited about a 20 minute drive away from Siem Reap is one of the exciting places out of the many in the city. The Silk Farm is quite an appealing place which indeed is the reason which has grabbed the attention of many westerners. Cambodian Silks play a major role in the tourism industry of Siem Reap.

The mulberry plants cover the area of the farm because the leaves of the mulberry plants are fed to the silk worm to make them plump. Once they are well fed the silk worm make themselves a cocoon. When the cocoon is made it is harvested and sent away to the factories. The Silk threads are made by boiling these cocoons of the Silk Worm. When the raw silk threads are manufactured they are gathered to add pleasant colors to give them a finishing touch. Finally after this process the silk threads are sent to the exhibition hall at the Silk Farm. Cambodian Silk Thread are used in many fabric items in the country from dresses to wallets, scarves, bed covers everything is made beautiful through the multihued Siem Reap Silks. Siem Reap travelers should not forget to buy the pretty silk items that hold a prominent place among Cambodian travelers.

The gift shops and markets are filled with lovely pieces of clothing finished with silks that are exquisite and makes one crave to buy them. Even if a tourist travels around the world you won’t find silks as fascinating as Cambodian Silks which are delicate and adds much glam to one’s wardrobe. Just like the Silk Farm there are many other attractions in Siem Reap which will excite the visitors. The best idea would be to stay in a Siem Reap Hotel for a couple of days and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor would be a fine option to make your vacation interesting and to visit other exciting attractions in the city. This Hotel Siem Reap will definitely give its guests an unforgettable holiday in Cambodia.