Sri Lanka, a tropical island nation located in South Asia, is a popular tourist destination. One of its most famous districts known for its heritage, religious landmarks, and unique attractions is Kalutara. A popular trading centre along the spice-route during the colonial times, the district of Kalutara is rich with culture and is home to a vibrant society.

One of the most famous rivers of Sri Lanka is the Kalu (Black) River. The river flows through Kalutara, which is said to be the inspiration behind the name of the district. This water body is lined with quaint settlements, thick forests and plantations, thus making boat rides along the river one of Kalutara’s most popular highlights. The boat rides are also a great way to witness the lifestyle of the local people.

Originating from Adam’s Peak Mountain, the Kalu River is 129km long and flows through the entire district of Kalutara. It gently flows west through the renowned Sinharaja Forest Reserve and the city of Rathnapura, before entering the sea. There are numerous tourist agencies that offer boat rides along the Kalu River, which is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

On the banks of this winding river is thick and luscious greenery, acres of beautiful rubber plantations, and fishing villages. These boat rides also offer tourists an opportunity to witness the birdlife of the region, as a large variety of birds can be found in the forests along the banks. It is also ideal for canoeing and cruises. Fishing excursions in the river’s waters is also one of the major attractions here, so you can even get a boat and spend a relaxing day lying in wait for that tug on your line! Boat rides along the rivers of Sri Lanka are considered to be a magical experience, and a boat ride along the Kalu River is no exception.

Offering a unique fusion of traditional Sri Lankan hospitality and colonial charm is Avani Kalutara Resort, a luxurious hotel in Kalutara. Tucked away between a palm covered beach and the Kalu River, this resort offers accommodation in elegantly appointed rooms and plush suites. The hotel also features a host of luxury amenities and services amidst coastal tranquillity, making this one of the most ideal hotels in Kalutara for a vacation.

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