Belonging to the great British Empire and boasting of an ancient history of its own, Scotland, the land of moody landscapes has within its realm a little nook of exotic greenery that Sir Joseph Paxton designed as a prototypical example of a Victorian Park. It goes by the name, Kelvingrove Park.

The River Kelvin that frames the park on the West End’s beautifully landscaped area adds charm and allurement as the natural beauty and echo of running water soothes and serenades the visitor. The park itself, which hosts festivals and events throughout the year, also lets one explore and delve into the country’s rich past.

Three fabulous exhibitions have been hosted in this park and an Indian pavilion constructed where the Art Gallery now stands, adds paramount wealth to the beauty of the structure. This place also features a Russian restaurant. Kelvingrove Park has sculptures created to represent the splendour of the Victorian age and the pathways and the benches all suffice to transport you back in time. Other than taking a stroll in the park a visit to the Art Gallery and the museum will also serve to enhance your knowledge on history and appreciate what you see around you.

Apart from this glorious site, there is a load of other things you can do. You will find a host of ancient castles to visit, like Stirling, Edunburgh, Urqyhart, Skara Brae and St Andrews and beautiful trails like the Great Scottish Trails that let you explore the country by foot covering a wide area of long networks. The outstanding Malt Whisky Trail, one of the only trails of its kind available, offers you the chance to visit the unique distilleries that provide one of the best whiskeys in the world.

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