When it comes to things to do and see in Queensland, the list is almost endless! One trip just isn’t enough to explore the whole of Queensland. So, why not start small? Begin your exploration with Townsville and you are sure to keep coming back for more!

Castle Hill
Unlike locals who visit this hill on a daily basis and reach the top without a sweat, if you are feeling a little lazy, its always ok to pretend you are on a hike but actually drive! The view at the top is absolutely beautiful. Since the hill is by the beach, the ocean seems magnificent from atop.

Bowling Greenbay National Park
If you are a fan of the relaxation that nature offers, then this is a must-visit when in Townsville! Observe the subtle wildlife and the shade of the trees. Don’t forget to head over to Alligator Creek for a swim…by the way…there aren’t any alligators here!

Magnetic Island
If you are staying at Oaks Metropole Hotel or other Townsville accommodation apartments, a day trip to Magnetic Island or ‘Maggie’ as the locals call it, could do you some good. Explore the beaches here and maybe snorkel to steel a glimpse at the corals.

Wallaman Falls
This is one of the most brilliant waterfalls in Townsville! It is also Australia’s highest waterfall. Drive here and simply snap away at the sheer cascading beauty of milky gushing water.