Kandy was the last capital of last generation of Sri Lanka Kings which finally fell under British rule in 1815. Kandy is also known as the religious capital of Sri Lanka and a place of pilgrimage for practitioners of the most pure form of Buddhism. Kandy lies in middle of the country built in a small wooded valley deep in the hills around an artificial lake created by the king Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. Kandy can be reached from Colombo through Kandy Road which is about 3-4 hours’ drive. Tourists can book hotels in Kandy through Cvisit, which is one of the most premier online bookings websites for Destination Hotels. Cvisit.com provides clients with a hassle free, seamless and secure online booking service. What is unique about Cvisit.com is that the website does not sell only rooms. This unique website allow clients to book accommodation at distinctive Sri Lanka hotels combined with a transfer or an excursion at lower rates and with no additional booking fees. All types of Hotels and Resorts from all over the country is accessible through the the CVisit website.

Kandy is also popular because of the annual festival known as the ” Esala Maha Perahera” in which the Tooth relic of Buddha is taken in a grand procession through the streets of the city. Many tourists from all over the world visit to witness this beautiful, unique and magnificent procession.The tooth relic is taken on a royal tusker. The procession includes traditional dancers and drummers, flag bearers of the provinces of the old Kandyan kingdom, the Nilames (temple custodians) wearing their traditional dresses, torch bearers and also the grandly attired elephants. This ceremony which is annually held in the month of July, attracts large crowds from all parts of the country and many foreign tourists. Kandy was once the capital city and thus the home of the Royal Palace and the “Dalada Maligawa” (Temple of the Tooth relic). Many Devoted Buddhists and tourists visit this sacred palace and is one of the most important and religious places in the country.

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