Kyoto National Museum is a very important art museum in Japan and is situated in Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward. The artifacts collected at the Kyoto National Museum are mainly Asian and pre-modern Japanese art. The museum will be re-opened in 2013 after the renovation process. It was once known as the Imperial Museum of Kyoto was proposed in the year 1889 and was completed in the month of October 1895. The museum which was ceremoniously opened during 1897 went through a sequence of name changes like the Imperial Household Museum of Kyoto, Imperial Gift Museum of Kyoto and finally the prevailing name Kyoto National Museum. 
The Kyoto National Museum consists of a few buildings the most significant being the Special Exhibition Hall which was designed in 1895 by Katayama Tokuma, and the New Exhibition Hall which was designed by Morita Keiichi in 1966. The usual exhibits are displayed in the new exhibition hall while the special exhibits are shown in the Special Exhibition Hall. Originally the museum housed arts that belonged to shrines and temples as well as donations made by the Imperial Household Ministry. There are three segments in the museum known as Fine Arts, handicrafts and archeology. In total the Kyoto National Museum holds a number of 12000 art works of which 6000 items are on display. More than 230 art works that are on display are assigned as national treasures. Also the Kyoto National Museum is renowned for its rare collection of pre historic Japanese and Chinese Sutras.

Kyoto National Museum after its renovation would certainly be a popular location for tourists who are interested in the Japanese culture and history. A visit to the Kyoto National Museum would give you a fair knowledge about the history of Japan and China as well. People visiting Kyoto could make it a chance to go visit this significant place with your family and friends and also make you comfortable in Kyoto Serviced Apartments. If you are on holiday in the city of Kyoto Citadines Karasuma-Gojo Kyoto would be an ideal Kyoto accommodation for the visitors to stay in with your loved ones.