Seychelles is a collection of around 115 gorgeous islands, of which some remain remote to this day. The Seychellois culture is a rich blend of African, European, Indian, and French influences. Read on to learn more about its culture, traditions, and people.

Creole Festival

The most exciting week in the Seychellois calendar is the Creole Festival which takes place every October. Packed with costumes, lively music, and the very best of pageantry it’s a time of absolute revelry! This festival is a celebration of all things Creole from its culture to the customs and traditions.

Joe Laurence, Seychelles News Agency, Seychelles Creole Festival Victoria, CC BY 4.0

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine reflects a melting pot of many cultures and comprises a blend of spices, seafood, and other local produce. ‘Ladob’, for instance, is a sweet speciality made from a combination of sweet potato, plantain, coconut milk, nutmeg and vanilla! Any beach resort in Seychelles including the likes of Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas showcases and celebrates the local cuisine for any curious tourist to sample.


Due to the heavy African influence, the traditional dance known as the Moutia borrows its fun, high tempo rhythms from Africa! It’s a very popular form of dance that is at the forefront of any celebration in Seychelles. Another popular dance is the Sega, which has a beautiful costume of long wide skirts and is enchanting to the onlooker.