If you are visiting the Thai capital Bangkok and have a few hours of leisure to spare, make sure to visit the pleasantly alluring Lumpini Park. Located within the heart of the city this attractive area of parkland offers fresh air, shade and tranquillity for tired city dwellers and visitors from abroad alike. Named after Lord Buddha’s place of birth in Nepal, this park has a history stretching back to the 1920s. Many Bangkok residents visit this recreational area to indulge in a refreshing workout, jog, aerobics and a multitude of other enjoyable activities.

Lumpini Park appeals to visitors of all ages and preferences. You will see sedate elders engaging in tai chi, young lovers indulging in small talk on the lakeside and busy urban workers desiring fresh air and some exercise to round off a hectic day. The park is most frequented in the early morning and in the hours of dusk, when many adults arrive at this recreational area. Meanwhile on the weekends many families make their way to this venue and the area is filled with the cries of happy children.

Many enjoyable pastimes may be enjoyed at the park, with an outdoor gym, paddleboats and rowing boats on offer for visitors. In the twilight hours you can indulge in a free of charge al fresco aerobics session with lively techno beats blaring in the background. Basketball lovers can shoot hoops on the court where you will often see teenagers at play.

On Sunday afternoons visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy some free jazz and sometimes even classical music here when local ensembles perform to the delight of aficionados. If you would rather take a relaxing walk, you can follow the turning and twisting pathways which resemble a giant maze.

If you become hungry and desire to replenish your energies you will find an array of stalls and kiosks offering a range of delectable snacks. From Thai noodles to vegetable and meat hotpot or fresh patties, there is truly something for everyone.

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Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.