A land of ultimate bliss it certainly is, the Maldives, where the sea and sands combined paint a magnificent picture of splendor and delight under the golden sun in the bright hours of the day while the silver purple majesty of a moonlit vista mesmerize the mortals of land under the star lit skies in the night. It is indeed the ultimate holiday destination, complete with many wonderful things to do and splendid things to see, that a visit to this land of surreal beauty will never be regretted, but be cherished for years to come.
Maldives consists of 1192 islands that spread across its 26 atolls. Cruises to explore these islands can be arranged and will indeed give you a wholesome and well rounded experience of exploring the heart of this wonderful land that many talk endlessly of. Adventure tours which are designed to cater to the passionate demands and needs of the audacious will take you to the emerald sheen of the jungle depths or the ocean depths of the Maldives, to be explored and experienced to your heart’s content. Jungle trekking and island trekking are available options for you to pass your priceless holiday time here, that will impress you and delight you with the wonderful charms that lie hidden away in these lands.
Maldives is indeed the ideal tropical getaway with its surreal beauty of the turquoise waters and sun kissed, white beaches, visited by many romantic lovers from all over the world to have their precious memories woven around this absolute splendor. Tours that cater to their tender and beautiful needs are also available here on this land of magical surprises. You may take a cruise that takes you to all of its gorgeous atolls to explore and discover, hand in hand, the quaint delights of the flora and fauna of the island. Sitting on the unspoiled beaches, watching the golden sunset together while the perfumed tropical breeze fills your being with thoughts so romantic that they cannot be expressed will certainly crown your holiday experience with sublime glory.
Velassaru Maldives, a leading Maldives luxury resort will provide the best of island thrills to be had in Maldives. Luxury resort experience at such hotels is indeed complete with the finest of opulence and comforts while also providing the means and the facilities to explore this land of surreal beauty with ease and convenience.

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