The seaside village of Bentota is known for its sun-kissed beaches, water sports activities and soothing beach holiday experiences. However the area of Lunuganga houses the impressive yet peaceful sanctuary of Lunuganga Estate which is the home of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The estate which has now been transformed into a tourist hotpot can easily be reached by choosing the comfort of a Bentota hotel. Even a Bentota resort such as AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa will come across as suitable choice of lodging from where the home of Bawa can be accessed.
The gardens and buildings that are found here are quite interesting places to discover. Usher in a sense of tranquillity as you trace each path of arguably one of Asia’s much loved and famous architects who never failed to disappoint. The gardens of the place must be visited for they will form integral sources of valuable learning and mesmeric beauty. The Red Terrace is one place that must be walked on while you can savour vistas of the Water Garden which was one Bawa’s favourite pastimes. Encounter a range of Ming jars part of the Plain of Jars that occupies on section of the landscape. Your tour of Lunuganga will never be complete without savouring some of the cuisine that is served at the house. Take your pick from local curries to international treats and have them under the shade at the Northern Terrace with views of the glistening waters of the lake before you.

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